This time around was the best yet.

New Player Roles:

Gabe : cartographer

Sean : scribe

Peter : referee

Garrett : treasurer

Candido : combat assistant

cartographer : maps out the areas

scribe : updates the adventure log, fills people in on the story.

referee : allowed a laptop, referred to for rules

treasurer : keeps track of loot, has final say on who gets what

combat assistant : keeps combat going, assists DM in combat

Things we need— * battle mat * miniatures * un-rigged dice

500 exp to everyone involved I’ll soon post the weapons and their stats

  • NEXT GAME – Sunday, March 22nd, from 4-7 pm in the Room of Requirement. (possibly a longer session??)
Player Names Class Roles Character Names
Candido Striker Vorgyrn “Ordidnac” and Ordinac
Gabe Leader Wilbur James Morgoroth
Garrett Striker Tevash
Graham Offensive Defender Mirado
Joanna Controller Lia
Peter Defensive Defender Glim Skyfaller
Sean Prime Seducer and Oh-So-Offensive Defender Ishmael
The above table is for reference. From here on out, no real names should be used in the Wiki proper. Comments can be out of character. Proceed to …

Our Adventuring Party


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