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Upon reaching Winterhaven, we began to explore the village. The paladin ran off, injured himself, and gained biblical knowledge of a fellow divine believer. He received a mysterious ring, emblazoned about with geometric designs; whether this will prove to be useful or detrimental remains to be seen. It is to be noted that Ishmael’s rugged good looks played a large role in this encounter.

An Eladrin wizard named Lia approached dragonborn Wilbur James Morgoroth and was totally hitting on him. After explaining her shared goal, joined our group. Her racial beliefs are causing friction with our Drow ranger. However, her local knowledge will prove useful. Following this initial encounter, Wilbur attempted Grand Theft Horse with the help of Lia, and was thwarted by a 12 year old boy.

Ishmael also obtained a flask full of liquor, which shall be put to good use once he has occasion to imbibe.


ahaha Sean

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