More bloody Kobolds

and another new "friend"

After poking around Winterhaven and resting up, we decided to make our way towards the Keep on the Shadowfell, with Wilbur James Morgoroth as lead cartographer.

But as soon as we left town we were ambushed again by dirty little kobolds. Puny creatures, even though they brought a Wyrmpriest they fared no better in this encounter. As we were engaging the pathetic shits, we were joined by our final member, a warlock who chose just the right moment to find us. Of course, being the maniacal mystery his kind tends to be, we don’t have a clue where he was while we were fighting our way down the King’s Road. Speaking of which, we don’t even have a clue why we have to fight our way down the King’s Road in the first place. The times, they are a changing.

We draw near to the keep now. This mapping job should prove quite simple if the biggest threats are these runts. Perhaps I’ll manage keep myself entertained by coming up with more ways to insult them.


Well done, G.

More bloody Kobolds

Er I just commented on the wrong one. How to delete comments…

More bloody Kobolds

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