Frontin' Bitches

Shortly after waking, terrified at Ishmael’s singing, our party proceeds along King’s Road. As rain begins to fall and the sky darkens ominously, our heroes see a darkly cloaked figure striding towards them along the road. Stopping just within hearing distance, the figure is recognized as the elf which previously pointed out the ignored Kobold lair. Although the elf refuses to tell much about his mission and motivation, he lets us know that the Keep has collapsed, creating a portal between the Shadowfell and our world. Upon transmitting this information, the elf slams his mysterious raven-headed staff into the ground, disappearing in a flash of lighting as the sky darkens further…

Following a short team meeting, the heroes proceed towards the now-collapsed keep. A short while along the road, a portal appears directly in front of their path. At that exact moment, Vorgryn appears riding a huge, unexplained red dragon and picks off the first of several twisted goblins creeping through the portal. After dispatching the goblins, two frost zombies appear and fuck the hell out of Ishmael, Wilbur James Morgoroth, and Mirado. Additionally, the first attack against the zombies (by Glim Skyfaller) fails so miserably that he falls into the portal, becoming utterly impotent for the rest of the encounter. Finishing off the zombies (one retreats into the portal and one gets demolished), the team tosses Vorgryn into the portal with a rope attached to him. He reappears upon tugging, holding a whimpering Glim Skyfaller close to his chest. Telling tales of a world consumed by evil yet intriguing for its distant spire, they convince the team to dive through the portal as it closes.

Our heroes find themselves upon the fiery plains with a spire in the distance and a bridge nearby. Once again demonstrating his foolish bravery in the face of evil, Ishmael proceeds across the bridge and is immediately struck in the chest by an arrow, which knocks him unconscious. The rest of the adventuring party, displaying possibly the lowest morals and most cowardice of an adventure marked by their weakness, leave him to dematerialize into the Ε“ther, still unconscious. As the team progress across the bridge slowly, trying to avoid the rain of arrows, Lia is also struck by an arrow and similarly transported.

The rain of arrows eventually ceases, and the remainder of the team proceeds towards the spire. Upon reaching it, they enter by pressing two holes on the side and are subsequently locked in. Discovering (and ignoring) a stash of shields, the team moves through a small stone door and are attacked by more arrows being fired by a group of goblins on a platform at the far end of the room. While Tevash runs back to retrieve a tower shield, the rest of the party dart in, hiding behind Glim Skyfaller and using crumpled pillars for cover. After a slow progress up to the platform the group demolishes the puny goblins in melee combat.

Entering yet another room the group finds a dead end and a lot of barrels and crates. Searching the room reveals a large stone door, some gold and even a platinum piece (not so safely locked away in a small box) and a mysterious crate. After trying to, and failing, to pick the strange lock on the crate, Tevash gives up. Vorgryn also proceeds to fail. Vorgryn convinces a disinterested Tevash to “team up” in trying to pick the lock. The result sets off a ticking, and as Glim Skyfaller tries to run the box away the group is locked in the room by a portcullis. Gas begins to seep from the crate and after failed desperate attempts to leave all organic members of the group fall unconscious, leaving a panic stricken Glim holding the still ticking box of gaseous doom.


woah, the beginning of that is grumpy. sorry guys, i was pretty exhausted.

Frontin' Bitches

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