Wanderer's, Wagon's, and Wolves, oh my!

We awoke to find ourselves refreshed and ready to continue, with the exception of Vorgryn, who was in a perma-trance. After leaving his slightly chilled body in Lia’s loft (taking care to lock the door afterwards), we proceeded along King’s Road.

After a short time, we were spotted by Kobolds, who ran away. Our attention, however, was diverted by an ancient-looking door in a pile of rocks. After several knocks by Glim Skyfaller and one by Wilbur James Morgoroth, unearthly screams rent the air. After consulting with the party, Ishmael made a manliness check (bitterly failed by both Glim and Wilbur) and shattered the door. Proceeding inside, a trapdoor was discovered. Following some preliminary opening and looking inside (using Lia’s illuminate abilities) we proceeded down, hindered by Glim’s girth and other’s poor knot tying skills. Ishmael finally tied the rope, shortly before Lia jumped down onto Glim, breaking her arm and causing a romantic moment in the process. Proceeding to an old chest in the corner, Ishmael bravely analyzed an ebony skull, causing all lights to extinguish and Lenora’s ring to glow brilliantly. Ishmael has a light ring – fucking straight cash money!

Then, shit went down. Ishmael was stabbed by some bitchass spirit in the skull, and three more then materialized. Following a hard-fought battle, greatly eased by Lia’s Sleep abilities, the spirits were destroyed. Reexamining the chest, a leather bag was found with some more cash in it. Totally worth it. Ishmael was yelled at by his comrades for examining the ebony skull, failing as they did to recognize his sacrifice for the team and outstanding bravery in the face of spirit shit.

After climbing back out of the trap door we noticed footprints. After a bloody brilliant nature check by Ishmael we realized they were the tracks of kobolds! While following said tracks, Tevash explained that he had been tracking a bunch of cultists in order to obtain their treasures. The party agreed to hunt the cultists, but only after finishing current affairs.

We eventually ran into a mysterious wanderer. He gave no name or business, but warned us of the kobold lair up ahead! After coming all this way, and a brief argument of whether to slay the beasts or wait until later to do the slaying, we turned back around.

Back on King’s Road heading towards the keep, we stopped a wagon driver and asked for a ride. At first he seemed hesitant, but after hearing the tale of Wilbur James Morgoroth and the Gryphon Mother Kiss he allowed us to join him. Lia did her trance, and next thing we knew it was time to say goodbye! After some bickering and a few side remarks we gave the wagon driver a few coppers to show our gratitude.

The walk continued until we came across an abandoned cabin on the side of the road. Ishmael, in his usual careless attitude busted right in and tried to grab a brown bag. The party stopped his haste, and let Lia do an arcana check on what turned out to be just a brown bag. Inside were a bunch of gold pieces, but the celebration was cut short as a group of kobolds ambushed us!

The seemingly large army was quickly decimated when Wilbur James Morgoroth swept half the minions away with his draconic breath. The seemingly mighty warrior’s luck encountered a turn for the worse as Irontooth, a dual-axe wielding, giant wolf-loving goblin entered the fray and knocked Morgoroth the *#&@ out. Ishmael used “lay on hands” upon his unconscious body, and Morgoroth held true to his heroic nature and proceeded to “boot, but then rally” helping to end the battle.


cash money, bros.


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