Half-Elf Paladin



31HP 12 healing surges/day, 7HP/surge

Trained Skills: Religion, Endurance, Intimidate, and Heal.

Proficient with Bastard Sword. Wears scale armor and carries a light shield. Also owns party’s only flask, currently filled with liquor.


With a formidably good looking countenance and the gift of both gentle persuasion and brutal intimidation, Ishmael fulfills the will of Melora, the one true goddess, throughout his travels. Born in a small seaside village, he was orphaned at a young age when spiders from the nearby Lost Woods ravaged his village. Trained in swordsmanship by a town elder and raised in the traditions of Melora by a sentient tree, given life by the goddess, Ishmael set out to spread the word of Melora’s divinity and better himself and those he meets. Often somewhat reckless in his approach to both life and combat, his loose lip and looser morals bring excitement and adventure to both himself and his companions.


Ryth ishmael