An Infernal Warlock... of doom!

Ability Score Mod Defenses
Strength 9 -1 AC 15
Constitution 18 +4 Fort 12
Dexterity 13 +1 Ref 15
Intelligence 16 +3 Will 14
Wisdom 11 +0 Surges: Value = 7, Number per Day = 9
Charisma 17 +3 HP 30 (Bloodied 15)

Skills: Trained in: Arcana Intimidate Stealth Streetwise Thievery

Equipment: Wears a dark hooded cloak that covers most of his equipment. Visible is a black short sword and an adventurer’s pack! Wears leather armor

Misc: Tevash has a great smile, although he rarely shows it.


Tevash rarely speaks, and as a result has shared little of his past life since meeting the group on the road. He mentioned that he has been following a group of cultists in order to obtain their treasures.

So far he has flashed his great smile: 1 time (occasion: platinum piece)


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