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Welcome to the wiki dedicated to our campaign. It is what we make of it. Eventually I’d like a summary to be on this main page, at the moment I’m providing a few links to get things started.

Please use Obsidian Portal to create a character and add that character to the Ryth campaign. The DM will need to have invited your account I believe.

  • Today’s Fact: Ryth means Ford.

The Setting

In an uncertain time, the world needs help. Sadly, nobody can handle the pressure. A Group of diverse would-be heroes have come together with different motivations (Ishmael is super greedy) to complete a mundane cartography task. Little do they know the far-reaching repurcussions their actions will have, both on each other and the wider realm.

The Quest that brings us together

A scholar named Parle Cranewing hired the characters to locate the old keep and map what remains of it, promising to pay 250 gp for a complete rendering.

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Main Page

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